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How to make a baseball cap | Sewing tutorial

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Follow along with the steps to make your own DIY baseball cap in any cool colour or fabric you like. You just need a sacrificial cap for the brim insert, since they seem to be pretty impossible to buy anywhere… Can somebody fix that? Until then, I suggest going to the second hand store and picking the oldest, ugliest cap you can find and giving it a new life!

What you’ll need:
– An old baseball cap
– Paper for your pattern
– Fabric, preferably a bit thicker and not stretchy
– Matching thread
– Fusible interfacing (not stretchy)
– Sewing machine
– Zipper foot
– Scissors
– Seam ripper
– Iron

If you make one of your own, I’d love to see it! Send me a picture on  info@coolleecn.com




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