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Maintain of wool felt hat

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   Wool felt hat should be how to maintain it will not be deformed?


 It is believed that many girls wear this wool felt hat, and they all spend a lot of money to buy it, ranging from more than 30 yuan in quality, and more than 100 in good terms. Although the hat is very beautiful, but many sisters do not know how to maintain this kind of hat, so the hat will be deformed after a period of time, can not wear it and throw it, it is a pity that today we teach you how to maintain this kind of wool How the felt hat is maintained so that it is durable and wearable.

1. First of all, we must understand the characteristics of the wool material. A good wool has a certain degree of water absorption, and it is easily deformed after being exposed to water. Therefore, we must remember to use warm water (30-40°) for everyday washing. Wash, not machine washable.

2. The daily wear of the hat is also very easy to stick the hair and dust , the best way to encounter this situation is to directly glue with a light sticky, local materials can be tape.

3. The first thing to do in daily storage is that the hat cannot be folded. It is best to insert something in the hat to prevent deformation of the hat. It is best to place it at the top of the cupboard. There must be no other things to press it.

If you bought one wool felt hat,  don’t worry , try to clean it up with these methods.


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