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How to pick a straw hat

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How to pick a straw hat:


         Face and straw hat: White people, any color straw hat are suitable, especially bright colors, can better bring out the white skin of pink; black people, suitable for a little lighter colors, such as rice white, Fire yellow, but not white or black, because it can make the skin look darker.


Face and Straw Hat: Face-up small caps can make your face look larger; face-up people should choose a large brim, which will make you look more amiable; round-faced and big-faced people, the best Do not choose to wear a hat with a similar face, so as not to further highlight the shortcomings of the face. Slim people and petite exquisite persons are suitable for wearing smaller hats. Those with tall heights and full-bodied ones are suitable for wearing larger hats. In this way, they can cover their faces and appear elegant and quiet; pushing the front edge of the hat slightly upwards to reveal From the face, you can make people feel good and refreshed.


Age and straw hat: Generally speaking, old people wear straw hats and cloth hats as appropriate. They look plain and dignified; young men spend a long time outside and can wear wide-brimmed straw hats and long-vein gauze caps; young women are delicate in color and wear a top. Folding wide-brimmed cloth hats can increase the decorative beauty; pupils should choose a sun hat with a green brim, which can effectively protect the eyes.


Clothing and Straw Hats: Choosing the right hats and outfits will show the beauty of the overall style. The use of hats with the same color as the clothes is a traditional and stressful method. The monotonous clothes and gorgeous hats have only become popular in recent years. Use a simple, unpatterned hat with a color of multiple-colored clothes for a pleasing effect. Hats in black, white, gray and natural colors are well-coordinated with clothes of various colors.

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