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Feature and craftsmanship of wool felt cup pad

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Feature and craftsmanship of wool felt cup pad




• Water absorption

The main function of the wool felt cup pad is water absorption. Because the water cup is a water-absorbing tool by nature, it is unavoidable to spill it out during the movement. Therefore, a coaster with good water absorption can ensure the cleanness of the table.


  • Slip resistance


Due to the compact density of the felt, there is more friction on the tabletop than other types of coasters.


  • Thermal insulation


Felt has a very good thermal insulation, can guarantee the minimum temperature of the cup to the desktop, keep the material of the desktop material is not deformed, and the water temperature in the cup will not change too fast.





  • Laser engraving

  At present, laser engraving is mainly used to process the design of the coaster. The laser cutting technology is very mature. The laser engraving method can easily make the designer’s inspiration in a few minutes or even seconds. Used for the production of complex patterns.

  • Industrial cutting

  The advantage of industrial cutting is that the shape to be cut out is cut out directly, not practical high temperature, making the edge of the cut more smooth and round.


  • Embroidery

  A variety of patterns can be embroidered by subjecting the cut-out cup mats to further processing.


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