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Cleaning and maintenance of straw hat

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Straw hat cleaning and maintenance:

First, to prevent dust and deformation, in the process of wearing, we must remind everyone that after the cap is removed, do not place it casually. It should be hung on a coat rack or on a clothes hook. Do not press heavy objects above to prevent deformation. If you have a straw hat when you buy a straw hat, it’s best if the seller has a hat rest. Place it directly on the cap top. If you don’t wear it for a long time, cover the straw hat with a clean cloth or plastic sheet to prevent dust from entering the grass gap;

Second, moisture-proof: Before putting on the straw hat, the straw hat should be ventilated and air-dried for 10 minutes to remove the moisture generated by the human body;

Third, cleaning: If it is dirty, you can use clean cotton cloth wrapped around your fingers, lightly dip in clean water, and then dry. Do not put on plastic bags when wet to prevent the grass from producing moldy spots.

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